can pineapple cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

can pineapple cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

for moms who are pregnant, usually often hear the thoughts and opinions of friends, family members, and others. Some of the information might be Mother would be very helpful. Then how about eat pineapple while pregnant, what really risky?

The mother may have heard the old stories that if consuming a whole pineapple, then it will bear. Before the mother avoid fruit that are delicious and nutritious it during pregnancy, we've beberkan facts.

Can eat pineapple while pregnant?

A pregnant woman will hear many opinions and suggestions from other people, one of the usual advice given is not allowed to eat pineapple while pregnant. Believed to eat pineapple while pregnant can cause miscarriage, or childbirth more quickly.
But is it true pineapple harmful for pregnant women? Until now there has been no scientific evidence to suggest that it was dangerous to pineapple pregnancy. Rumors about this pineapple was a mere myth.

Although someone has to tell the mother to avoid the pineapple, because it can cause miscarriage early, this is just a myth. The pineapple is a safe and healthy choices during pregnancy.
Pineapple contains bromelain, a tablet that contains bromelain is not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. This content can break down the proteins in the body and cause abnormal bleeding.

But the amount of bromelain in single servings of pineapple will not affect pregnancy. Just imagine, to get the same effect with a tablet contains bromelain, pregnant women should eat between 7-10 grains of fresh pineapple at once. Then if maybe pregnant women can eat pineapple up to that much?

The bottom line, not the normal intake may affect the pregnancy. So, eating pineapple may be harmless, but eating in large quantities can cause effects which is not good. The mother should be more careful if his stomach is indeed sensitive.
Acid in pineapple can give a sense of heat or reflux. Preferably, this delicious fruit in santaplah levels sufficiently to avoid these side effects.

What is the risk to eat pineapple while pregnant?

Consuming pineapple may be harmless or help the mother giving birth faster, but eating in large quantities can have the effect of not good. Acid in pineapple can make Mother heartburn or reflux.
To avoid these side effects, it is best to consume this delicious fruit in moderation. If the mother is unusual eating pineapple and experiencing allergy symptoms whatsoever, then immediately contact a doctor.

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