4 ways to make a habit of drinking Coffee So much healthy

4 ways to make a habit of drinking Coffee So much healthy

Mind that the content of antioxidants and caffeine in a cup of coffee can provide powerful benefits for the body, from brain to the digestive system. In order for Your coffee drinking habit healthier, perform the following four ways.

1. Don't just drink coffee when the morning

Despite the healthy coffee, caffeine-stimulant in the womb could be suppressing your appetite. his sad, some people deliberately drinking coffee as a substitute for breakfast in the morning. Remember, nothing can replace the intake of nutritious vegetables, though breakfast was coffee!

You should still be able to get a nutritious breakfast intake of nutritious vegetables, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. The ideal coffee hour was mid morning, i.e. 09.30 p.m. – 11.30 when hormone cortisol in the body is low-low.

2. Know your reasons to drink coffee

Make sure you drink coffee because it likes or wants to get health benefits contained therein. Do not let Your coffee drinking habits based on a desire to exploit the caffeine stay up.

If you use coffee for those reasons, the fair if one day your body and mind was hooked. You will start to get tired and hard in achieving the best point physically and mentally without coffee.

3. Round off with cinnamon

A frequent visitor to the Cafe and found the combination of coffee and cinnamon? Yes, the existence of the spices is not without reason. Cinnamon was in fact able to make Your coffee drinking session is better because it contains antioxidants.

Refer to a lot of research, proven cinnamon lower blood sugar. Add cinnamon, apart from increasing levels of antioxidants, are able to help reduce sugar you might put in your coffee.

Without sugar, flavorings and other artificial sweeteners
This is indeed heavy, but drinking coffee with sugar, flavorings and other artificial sweeteners could be an important factor in the loss of the main content of the essence of the coffee. If it continues to do in the long run, not unlikely that can increase the risk of diabetes later in life.

"Today there are many other alternatives to supplement the sweetness to your coffee. You can use Palm sugar or stevia, "said Dr. Melyarna daughter of KlikDokter. In addition, you can also add the pure vanilla powder, mint leaves, and ground almonds into your coffee.

As a popular beverage in the world, coffee has positive benefits for your health. However, certain habits can hamper the healthy benefits you get. Yuk, create the habit of drinking coffee is healthy so that optimum benefits can come in handy for healthcare

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