7 steps to How lead a healthier Life

7 steps to How lead a healthier Life

Is it ever crossed your mind to change your life for the better? You might intend to lose weight, be more active, or simply want to feel more healthy. To live a healthier life, chances are you'll have to make adjustments in a variety of areas. A lot of factors involved to be "healthy", among them: genes, diet, regular exercise and lifestyle choices. There are factors that cannot be changed, such as genes, therefore make changes to things that you can control to help you towards a healthier lifestyle. Start by making small changes in diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors so slowly you become healthier.

1. Make an appointment with a doctor. 

One way to improve health and maintain it is to visit a doctor regularly. The doctor as a professional medical personnel will help support your desire to live a healthier life. They can also let you know whether you should start or stop something to live healthier.

  • Visit the doctor your subscription. Discuss about your current health condition and ask if they can suggest something to help you live healthier.
  • Don't forget to visit the dentist. According to the recommendations we suggest you go to the dentist twice a year for checkups. This visit is important, lest You miss it.
  • Visit another doctor that you might need. For example, an expert in obstetrics/gynecologists or endocrinologist (a specialist hormone).

2. Do the measurement. 

There are several ways to check the health status without the help of a doctor. Weigh and take overall body size can give a little understanding of what is a healthy body condition pertained or not.

  • Weigh Your weight. Make a note of your weight and compare with national standards for the ideal body weight. You will know if you are a heavy weight healthy or needs to be reduced.
  • Measure the circumference of your waist. Other ways that can be used to interpret weight and health is by measuring waist circumference. A large waist circumference could mean you have high visceral fat and this can endanger health.  waist circumference men preferably less than 100 cm and females should preferably be less than 88 cm.
  • Calculate the IMT (body mass index) and an online calculator. Again, this is just an additional method to find out if Your weight is healthy or not classified.
  • If most of this size is too high and you feel overweight or overweight, this can be a part of your life that can be modified so that you can become healthier.

3. Start writing journal.

Writing a journal is a good way to start a healthier life. You can take notes, writing goals, keeping track of goals and even write a food journal. This information will help you know what to do and motivate you to reach those goals.

  • First of all, start noting any information you get from your doctor or seek information about weight loss, the IMT or waist circumference.
  • In addition, make a note also about the goals you want to achieve and how you will apply to live healthier. It seems that you have to do brainstorming and thinking about all aspects of your life that wants to be transformed into healthier.
  • Make a note of your food choices in the journal. Research shows that people who write journals about their food on a regular basis can run new diet pattern longer

4. Awake support group.

Support groups are becoming an important part of a healthier lifestyle. Not only do they give support to your destination, but also give support to mental health and emotional.

  • An important part of a healthier lifestyle that is often missed is the mental and emotional health. A support group not only serves to entertain, but also became a good friend.
  • Ask friends, family members or co-workers to join in certain goals. Maybe among them there is also who want to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more.
  • Research shows that people who have support groups more likely to successfully achieve their long term goals.

5. Make a meal plan

Make a meal plan. When you try to live a more healthy life, eating patterns became one of the things that need to be changed. Create a new meal plan for yourself can help give you the guidelines needed to eat healthily throughout the week. 

  • Meal plans can be considered the blueprint for every meal, snacks and beverages throughout the week.
  • The plan also lets you examine and plan each food choices. You will feel confident knowing that what you eat every day in accordance with the new life that is healthier.
  • To begin to make plans to eat, take a pen and paper, and write down the names of days of the week. Then write down all the foods, snacks and drinks.
  • Make a meal plan can also help you organize your shopping list is better. 

6. Eat with full awareness

Eat with full awareness. Packed with truly is a way of eating that can help you pay attention to and focus on feeding itself. Packed with full awareness that it is important to living a healthier because it helps you enjoy the moments of eating.

  • People who eat with awareness full typically eat less, lowering the body more easily and feel more satiated by what they eat. 
  • Packed with a full awareness requires that you pay attention to some things. First, turn off all electronics (such as mobile phones or television) and eliminate all other disorders. You should be able to focus on the food.
  • When eating a meal look at how the appearance of your food, how does it feel, texture and temperature. Concentrate with every bite.
  • In addition, take 20-30 minutes to enjoy the food. If you are not rushed while eating, you probably eat less and enjoy it more.

7. Maintain a balanced diet

Maintain a balanced diet. A balanced diet is the Foundation for a healthy diet. Eating well is important to help you live a healthier life. 
  • When implementing a balanced diet, you can eat all the nutrients your body needs and recommended. A risky low-quality diet caused malnutrition and other side effects. a balanced Diet will make you feel and be more healthy.
  • A balanced diet includes the five food groups every day. In addition, a balanced diet featuring different types of food. Do not eat the same food every few days. This will limit your ability to consume different types of nutrients.

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