5 How to Enlarge to skinny legs

5 How to Enlarge to skinny legs

Whether your upper body is already proportionately, but the lower body was too skinny? When your legs are too thin, You could do a lot to extend the legs. Start by doing proper exercise and increase the intensity of exercise to build bigger muscles. You also need to consume a lot of calories to meet the needs of your muscle growth. The latter, if you need a quick way to change the look of your legs, do the clothing style changes can make your feet look larger. Continue reading if you want to learn more about how to enlarge to skinny legs.

1. Start your cardio workout. Although some people are afraid of cardio exercises thus it can shrink the size of the foot, with proper exercise, you not only can build leg muscles but also improves the health and fitness of the body. Cardio exercises such as cycling uphill or mountain climbing is also a powerful way to increase the strength of the lower body.

  • Ran for a long time can shrink the size of the feet. However this does not mean you should avoid cardio exercises. Try running uphill and do so for no more than 3 hours a week.

2. Practice hard. When you live your daily life, your leg muscles keep exercising with propping up the body when you walk to anywhere. Your feet have been accustomed to exercising without stopping, so when you want to encourage muscle growth, do high intensity exercise that focuses on the feet. In each workout, do as many reps, and make them the heaviest load you can lift until you feel you "burn ". When you want to enlarge the foot, would apply the slogan: no attempt will not get anything.

  • To increase the intensity of your workout, add heavy weights you lift it after the first few weeks of practice.
  • Please do not practice excessive. You should know the difference between pain and injury. Do the exercise with a trainer if you have never practiced the previous load.

3. Do workouts faster. Maybe before you ever informed that you must practice the weights slowly. But, by making explosive movement that can build muscle faster and allows you to perform more reps than when you are just doing a regular movement. Try to set your exercise time and do as many reps as possible within 2 minutes, then rest, and do a set of exercise again.

4. Practise different muscle groups on different days. If every day you train all the muscles of the legs, the muscles don't have time to recuperate and grow. You are also likely to experience injury. Instead, focus on one muscle group to train in one day, and then replace it with the other exercises the next day. The period of rest is important to enlarge the parts of your legs.

5. The consumption of a lot of calories. It does not mean you have to eat just about anything. However make sure that you have been eating a lot of calories that come from a healthy source of food. When you do exercise to build muscle, you need to consume a lot of calories to survive. The consumption of many foods below so that your muscles grow:

  • Meat, tofu, whole grains (whole grain), nuts, fruits, vegetables, and more fruits and vegetables. As long as it comes from a healthy source of food, so eat as much as possible and as often as possible.
  • Limit your intake of processed foods, sugar and white flour, fast food, and snacks. These foods can make you feel tired, instead of being full of energy and ready to practice.

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